9 mm Taupe Grey Sparse Feathered Mohair Special

Taupe Grey Feathered Mohair This fabric is sparse, the backing is visible through the fur. It has a feathered texture. Due to a manufacturing anomaly, this piece of fabric has a few stray long hairs in the fur. Although it could be considered an imperfection, the quality of the fabric is not compromised, and to me it makes the fabric special. Ideal for slightly scruffy looking bears.
Taupe Grey Feathered Mohair The Fabric consists of 100% mohair, on a 100% cotton backing. The backing is sturdy, coated to be gentle on your hands, and does not fray.
1/4 m (50cm x 70cm approx.) R 240
1/8 m (35cm x 50 cm approx.) R 122


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