Muffy Pin Cushion Teddy Bear

by Megan Wallace - Tin Soldiers

Muffy is a 12cm (4 1/2 inch) teddy bear. She is fully jointed with movable head, arms and legs.

Fabric: The bear is made from Loubear mohair Sally colour 24. 1/32m (25cm x 17cm) piece of fabric is needed. A different short pile mohair would also suit her well.
Paw pads: reverse of fabric.
Eyes: 4mm black glass eyes.
Joints: Set of 10mm and 13mm discs with split pins.
Cotton fabric for the dress and pin cushion, and lace, ribbon, beads etc. to accessorize.

Pin Cushion

The kit for Muffy comes with all materials to make the bear, her dress, and the pin cushion. Fabric in the kit is white. The pattern includes comprehensive instructions to dye the fabric using food colouring or tea.

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