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Who organizes Bearathon?

Dawn Smit Bearathon Admin Megan Wallace Bearathon Admin
Dawn Smit is the artistic director at LiveCreatively365. Megan Wallace is the owner at Tin Soldiers Studio.

What do I have to do?
HERE's what it's all about.
HERE's a quick tutorial.
And HERE are the rules.
HERE are the links to printing the label.
Once you have determined your drop zone, try to leave the baggie without being noticed. It could be as simple as putting it down on a chair in the doctor’s waiting room before you walk out the door. We’ve also seen people being creative when leaving baggies outside. Tape it to a wall or lamp post. Hang it from a tree. Leave it on a pathway anchored by a small rock… We look forward to seeing where and how you drop your baggies!

What should be included in the baggie?
At a very minimum, two things. Your gift, and the Bearathon label. If you want to, you can include an anonymous note with an inspirational quote etc. Picture tutorial for packing your drop baggie HERE.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?
Email your pictures and information to us at We will do the rest.

What if I live in a different country?
Wonderful! Kindness is an international language.

What information do I need to submit to Bearathon?
When you have packed your gift, and you are ready to drop it off, take a picture. In a private Facebook message to Bearathon, send us your picture(s), together with the date and place where you dropped the baggie. You don’t have to be too specific about the place. Name of the town or city is enough.

Do I have to include the Bearathon label?
Yes. Without the label, the recipient won’t know what it’s all about. By including the label, recipients of the gifts might also feel inspired to join the project.
Download the label here:
Bearathon Label English

How to I send you pictures of my drop?
Upload your pictures to a private message to the Bearathon Facebook page, together with relevant information. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can email pictures and information to us at

Who will receive my gift?
Think about the kind of toys you would like to give away. Are they best suited to adults, or children? Where did you think of dropping your gifts? Are there more adults, or children, hanging around? You might notice a specific person at work, church, or another group who needs to be cheered up. If you can figure out a way to present them with your gift anonymously, wonderful! Everyone can use a bit of kindness, so anyone would be a suitable recipient of your gift.

What is an appropriate drop zone?
Think of public places where people are often stressed. Hospitals and medical practices, police stations, courts, some government departments… these would all be a good place to bring a smile to someone’s face. There are places where people who are away from home and lonely hang out… hotel, coffee shop, shopping mall etc. They will appreciate your gift. And then there are happy places. Play park, botanical gardens, a concert venue… Dropping a gift at someone’s happy place will make it even more so!

How many photos of my drop can I include?
One is enough. But if your gift is hand made and you are very proud of it, why not take a picture of it before you make up the parcel, and send that too? We will include it on the Bearathon page if we can.
Will you post about my drop if I don’t include a photo?
Sorry, no. First of all, a picture is evidence that you made the drop. Second, the person who picks it up might go to the Bearathon page to let us know that they found it. Without a picture, they will not be able to identify it.

Do I have to report every drop I make?
We would like it if you do, but it’s not compulsory. Even if you don’t send us a picture of your drop, the person who finds it might visit the Bearathon page and be inspired to get involved if the Bearathon label is in the baggie.

Is there a limit on the value?
Not at all, but we suggest you keep it small. It is not about how much the it cost, it is about bringing a moment of joy to someone’s life. However, if you plan on dropping solid gold diamond encrusted teddy bears, please let us know so that we can go and fetch them first *grin*.

Can I include money/vouchers?
We don’t recommend it. BUT. There are circumstances where a voucher for a cup of coffee, or a similar small token, would be much appreciated. Use your discretion. (If your drop includes only vouchers/money and no tangible gift, we may not post your drop on the Bearathon Facebook page).

What items are NOT permitted?
Anything that the Bearathon admins regard as profane, sexually explicit, racist, or in some other way inappropriate. We have a wicked sense of humour ourselves, but we would like to keep this project at a level where everyone is comfortable. If there is any doubt, the admin’s word will be final.

How many drops am I allowed to make?
As many as you like! The more, the more wonderful!

What about third party advertising?
We do not advertise for payment. However, if you made a toy from a pattern that you bought directly from the artist (or a site such as Etsy or Ravelry), and you would like to give them a nod of recognition, include their website address with the details of your drop, and we will try to include it in the post.

Does it have to be handmade?
Handmade is preferred, but it does not have to be. Some people are much better at shopping than making things. If they have a good heart, they are one of us :-)

Does it have to be a teddy bear?
No it doesn't.

Can I lurk around and wait to see who picks it up?
No. The idea of this project is that it is a random act of kindness (RAK). Make the drop, and make your getaway.

Can I include my name and contact details?
No. The idea of this project is that it is a random act of kindness (RAK).

Can my church group/craft club participate?
Yes please! The more people who get involved, the better the world will be. Please explain the rules to them, make sure they have the relevant labels and know how to post their drop to the Bearathon page, and we will be ever so grateful to you.

Why didn’t you post my pictures on the Bearathon page?
Pictures are usually posted within a few hours of receiving them. If there is something wrong with your pictures/information, we will contact you. If you don’t see them on the Bearathon page after 24 hours, please contact us.

Can you give me some ideas of things to make?
A teddy bear. A doll. An animal. Knit, crochet, or sew it. Sculpt it from clay. Make a teddy mosaic or make one of pewter. Make it with paper. If you are more of a scrap booking/paper craft person, consider making something like a set of blank note cards or a bookmark as your gift. Visit the Bearathon Facebook page to get inspiration from others involved in this project.

Where do I find free patterns for hand made teddies?
There are lots of sites with free patterns on the internet. If you find a good one,let us know, and we will add it to the list below.

Beary free softie pattern Beary. A softie to sew.
Doogie free softie pattern Doogie. A softie to sew.










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